A Lesson in Dishique

What's in a name?




      1. a combination of “unique dish”

      2. curated collection of clever & thoughtful gifts with an educational twist

“Gift smarter with Dishique.”

A Quick History Lesson

Dishique® was started in 2002 by owner & artist Megan Steffen.  As a way to share her original art, Megan's first piece was made from a rendering about the Chicago Hot Dog. After moving to Chicago from Alabama, she quickly took note Chicagoans were serious about their food; there was a correct way to eat a hot dog in Chicago, no ketchup about it. She titled her drawing the "Anatomy of a Chicago Dog" and sold it at her first art show. Fast forward and the Anatomy of a Chicago Dog is still a number one selling Dishique® item to this day. 

Based outside of Chicago, the Dishique® studio serves as an art & production studio and warehouse. While Megan continues to hand-render all of the original Dishique art, she and the Dishique® team of local artisans make and ship each item.